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The most complete cloning package on the market - Now Lower Priced and comes with 15 FREE Transponders!

This new exciting packages comes with 5 pcs each of the GTI Transponder Chip, 5 pcs each of the T80 Plus Transponder Chip, and 5 pcs each of the new T128C Transponder Chip! These FREE chips can generate over $900!

The RW4 PLUS lets you take control of Texas Instruments (TI) and Philips encrypted code and fixed code transponder keys. When the RW4 PLUS is utilized in conjunction with Ilco® electronic keys, you can eliminate the two master (original) key requirements for “on-board” programming. It is a stand-alone device with no PC, internet connection or additional software required.

  • Clones TI and Philips encrypted code and fixed code (T2, T5)
    transponder keys
  • Identifies presence of a transponder and indicates chip type,
    value and manufacturer
  • Code Generation Capable
  • Software updates are based on new vehicle information &
  • Free updates for one year frompurchase
  • Archiving Function
  • 12V DC adapter included for “on the road” services
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Built in “soft touch” key pad
  • Multiple language support
  • Easy to read LCD screen

The M-Box with M-Snoop is add-on hardware that adds the capability of cloning Megamos® ID48 equipped transponder keys for Volkswagen, Audi, Volvo, and more. Most recently the M-Box adds the capability to clone transponder keys equipped with the Texas Instruments® 80 bit transponder for Ford, Hyundai, and Kia.

The M-Box is compatible with existing Ilco/Silca cloning devices while the unique M-Snoop allows for capture of original key data without the need to cut a new key. The M-Box can connect to Wi-Fi or use a wired internet connection. The M-Box brings total cloning capability to approximately 95% of transponder key equipped vehicles in North America today.

  • Professional Solution, Familiar Process, Top Service

  • Clone Before Cutting
  • Unique M-Snoop and Chip Transponder Technology
  • Comprehensive Solution to cover the widest possible range of keys and remotes
  • New T48 for ID48 glass transponder and T80 Plus for Texas 80 bit fits original transponder keys and remotes, as well as all Ilco replacement vehicle keys
  • Unique M-Snoop technology reads original key data without the need to cut a new key (only needed for ID48 at this time)
  • Simple visual confirmation of successful cloning before cutting the key blade
  • Cloning equipment can be used simultaneously for other jobs while procedure runs
  • Compatible with existing Ilco/Silca brand cloning devices*
  • Easy to use software with a dedicated webpage to manage progress of cloning jobs
  • Can connect to Wi-Fi via a smartphone or tablet hotspot, No need for a PC or a fixed internet connection to clone
  • Compatible with Advanced Diagnostics™ procedures for programming vehicle remotes

* RW4 Plus, Ilco EZ®-Clone Plus, RW4 with Plus Box, Ilco EZ®-Clone with Plus Box

  • Texas 80 bit solution is only compatible with RW4 Plus and Ilco EZ Clone Plus
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Manufacturer Kaba Ilco