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The Mifare鎼 Fingerprint MOC Family uses a swipe biometric sensor to instantly verify fingerprint data with up to two biometric templates stored in the Mifare鎼 card, ideal for highly secured facilities as well as other facilities that wish to heightens their security level. By storing the data only on a Mifare鎼 Contactless card and not on a PC or other less secure databases, privacy is preserved. The unit闁炽儲鐛 superior and compact designs allow installation in the most elegant of places. The readers are compatible with almost any access control system. Advanced, secure, multi-application functionality for intelligent installations Unlimited number of users 3 blue LEDs that flash in a pattern that leads users to swipefingers in the correct direction Support Lockout feature for increased security Unique and reliable Match-On-Card technology Designed for indoor use (swipe sensor protection required for outdoor use) Easy to deploy in the field with the configuration card (Master card) for secure sector reading of data from the sectors Configurable multi output format, supports Wiegand 26-bit format and many more Compatible with CP-R25 USB Desktop Card Programmer and fingerprint enrollment PC software for Master and User Cards configuration (AS-B01)
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Manufacturer Rosslare Security