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This package consists of 994 Laser Machine w/New Console, A & C Jaws for Hi-Security Automotive, G Jaw kit for Edge Cut applications, H Jaw kit for Tibbe applications, and INSTACODE. 

994 Laser, the most advanced key cutting machine for automotive laser keys, edge cut keys and now Tibbe keys has a new, innovative console.

What are the highlights?

- Incomparable level of ergonomic, sophisticated and functional design.

- Compact (around 2 pounds) and reduced dimensions for use from the shop to the van, at the work station or hung on the wall.

- Simplified procedures for maximum ease of use.

- Minimum energy consumption.

A new key cutting experience

New and updated features make every operation immediate, simple and secure.

- Search for make, model and year of the vehicle with preview of the key profile.

- Instantly search by code even with partial depth input.

- Dynamic graphic representation of the cut, with additional key information.

- Management of favorites and customer accounts with an internal database of user notes.

- Integrated help screens.

- Updates via Internet or USB.


994 Laser uses four jaws A-B-C-D for laser keys, the G jaw (optional) for edge cut keys continuous cutting on one or two sides without the need to turn the key, and the H jaw (optional) for Tibbe systems. Incorporated bit stop, perfect anchoring without adaptors and simple and fast replacement, all in one tracer.

Keyline patented systems

- Key tilting prevention system.

- Insertion from the top of the Widia cutter.

- Auto setting of the cutter for a facilitated replacement.

Additional Information

Technical Data
  • Power supply 90-130V 50-60Hz / 220-240V 50-60Hz
  • User interface 7” industrial colour touch screen, 16:10, resolution 800x480 px, incorporated CPU
  • Electronic Equipment High resolution axes control
  • External connections 2 USB 2.0 ports; 2 RS232 serial ports; 1 LAN port
  • Key Reading/Decoding System Electric contact
  • Movements/Axes 2 axes, guided by stepper motors through linear moves, interpolated through high precision ball screws
  • Jaws 6 jaws are available: A, B, C, D for laser keys; G for edge cut automotive keys; H for Tibbe keys (6 spaces)
  • Motor Brushless
  • Cutter Widia ø 2.5 mm for laser and Tibbe keys / ø 1.5 mm for edge cut keys
  • Cutter Speed 6000 rpm
  • Absorption 125W (50W in stand-by)
  • Dimensions Width:11.8"; Depth:14"; Height:13.7"
  • Weight Machine body 36.3 lbs. / Console 1.7 lbs.
Manufacturer Keyline USA